about us

Working with the nation’s leading healthcare organizations, Apollo Health Street is tackling the toughest financial and IT challenges facing healthcare today.

We help healthcare organizations achieve the True Return they seek – the financial strength to offer excellent patient care today and tomorrow. Together, we achieve fast, accurate results that make a positive impact on your bottom line.

Whether maximizing your hospital’s revenue cycle, keeping your physician practice in line with the toughest regulatory standards, working through your patient claims from beginning to end or developing a custom EMR, our solutions bring together a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, leading technology, best practices and global resources.

The Apollo Approach
At Apollo, our team of healthcare experts work with you to extend your healthcare organization’s capabilities.

Just like a patient is best cared for by a team of medical professionals whose sole focus is on that patient’s health, every partnership we enter is built on:

  • Understanding our client’s ultimate goals
  • Developing a strategic plan of action
  • Putting our healthcare focus, IT expertise and global resources to work – quickly
  • Achieving results that transform your bottom line and the healthcare you deliver

Decades of Healthcare Experience
Apollo Health Street’s professionals are experts in healthcare operations and information technology. Having worked as hospital operators, we know the U.S. healthcare environment inside and out and we understand what drives its success.

Our work began decades ago in the hospital space. Since then, we have grown to meet the needs of some of the nation’s most advanced providers, physician groups, and health plans. Every partnership we build today is based on that foundation and draws from our continuous experience throughout the healthcare industry.