Training / Development

Apollo Health Street encourages and supports the developmental and cross–functional movement of our employees. We believe that learning and development is the key to success of our employees. A sample of our training programs includes:

Compliance and Regulatory Training
Compliance and Regulatory training is an important aspect in today's regulated environment and is often implemented as part of corporate initiatives. Apollo interacts with highly confidential healthcare data such as protected health information (PHI), therefore our employees complete compliance training programs such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

Leadership Training
In order to cultivate excellence, we have structured programs for employees at all levels which include sessions on self motivation, team motivation, coaching / feedback skills, mentoring, and stress management.

Communication Training
Communication is vital to relate, coordinate, coach, counsel, evaluate, and supervise. It is the foundation of our organization. To enhance effective communication, we have designed programs to improve the written and oral communication skills of our employees.